La nostra azienda


The company is located in Escolca, 416 meters above sea level, in the southern hills of Sarcidano, near the Nuragic sites of the jar of Serri, Orroli, Barumini and Isili in the heart of Sardinia, land of centenarian men.

We have been involved in olive farming since 1913. Thanks to our experience handed down from father to son and our latest generation of mills, we perform all the stages of processing accurately and rigorously with the commitment and the will to ensure that the best becomes excellence.

Our extra virgin olive oil "SA MOLA" is the result of the Cadoni family's strong attachment to its peasant traditions. For more than four generations, our family has raised, harvested and processed the varieties of olives "Bosana", "Cagliari's Tonda" and "Pizz'e Carroga", strictly indigenous varieties that grow in the olive groves of the island of Sardinia, the heart of the Mediterranean. Our production is about 10,000 liters of quality extra virgin oil packaged in different sizes. Recently we wanted to diversify our offer by producing a line of oils flavored with herbs and plants typical of our territory. We also organize guided tours in the company with tasting of company products to various interactive activities.

Our target market at the moment is both regional and national and in a small European percentage, providing individuals, delis, restaurants etc.